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Empowering Ukrainian Medical Heroes: A New Lifesaving Initiative

About the Fund

Bitmedia Charity Fund – A devoted crypto community alliance, protecting individuals in crisis situations like armed conflicts, environmental disasters, domestic abuse, and acts of terror. Our exceptional volunteers, including crypto entrepreneurs and activists, work tirelessly not only to defend the crypto community but also to promote its adoption for a better world.



Bitmedia Fund focuses on providing humanitarian aid and healthcare support through innovative crypto-based solutions, empowering communities in need.


Humanitarian aid

Bitmedia is directly involved into vital humanitarian initiatives, empowering experts to take on necessary risks for transformative change. Donations are rapidly directed to high-impact projects, including those utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for efficient aid distribution, without intermediaries.


Mental health support

Countless individuals worldwide require psychological assistance. We collaborate with institutions and centers specializing in psychological rehabilitation for military personnel, their families, victims of violence, and those with mental health disorders.                                                                                                            


Support for children

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, our team recognized the urgent need to assist the Ukrainian people and their military. Our primary focus is on providing essential aid to vulnerable children affected by the war, ensuring access to education, healthcare, and safe environments, fostering hope and resilience for the future.


Health care

Plenty of initiatives address various healthcare needs, aiding Bitmedia.Fund in alleviating the suffering of those affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and disease outbreaks. A lot of support is given to frontline clinics, refugee camps, and remote villages and much more.


Assistance to hospitals

The devastating conflict in Ukraine has resulted in significant losses. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and medical staff require substantial resources, including medicine, equipment, and aid. Some initiative of the fund are aimed at numerous hospitals across the country that have been destroyed amidst the hostilities.


Assistance for women

In light of the conflict in Ukraine, our team is committed to helping the Ukrainian people. We prioritize supporting women who face hardships due to the war, offering resources such as healthcare services, psychological support, and opportunities for economic empowerment to promote self-sufficiency and well-being.

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