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Bitmedia Charity Fund Report August 2023. Meaningful collaboration with IOM.

The Bitmedia Charity Fund is pleased to present this report for August, highlighting our significant achievements of the month. One of the most impactful collaborations we have had this summer is with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

This report is divided into two main subsections: an overview of the International Organization for Migration and a detailed account of our joint initiatives.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The International Organization for Migration is a preeminent intergovernmental body that focuses on migration issues and the welfare of refugees. Established to provide aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and those affected by conflict, the IOM has a strong presence in Ukraine. Their work encompasses combating human trafficking, assisting the Ukrainian government in managing irregular migration, and enhancing migration management systems. In addition, they formulate health policies that are inclusive of migrant populations. Since the escalation of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the IOM has pivoted its efforts to offer humanitarian aid to an estimated three million individuals.

Our Collaborative Efforts with IOM

In August 2023, Bitmedia Charity Fund and the IOM successfully executed our inaugural joint project. This initiative aimed to provide aid to ten refugee families and one large family with multiple children, totaling 34 individuals. These families were identified as those who had lost their homes due to the Russian invasion and had been displaced to various Ukrainian regions, including Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, and Poltava.

Representatives of families from Mykolaiv and Myrhorod.

With the invaluable support of the IOM, we were able to distribute the following essential items to the affected families:

64 winterization kits

11 kitchen sets

20 mattresses

32 chairs

25 plastic containers

A family of internally displaced persons from Sloviansk.

Our partnership with the International Organization for Migration has been extraordinarily fruitful and meaningful. The aid we have jointly provided serves as a stepping stone towards improving the living conditions of those who have been severely impacted by the war. We remain committed to further collaborations with the IOM and other humanitarian organizations to ensure that assistance reaches the most vulnerable populations. Thank you for your continued support in making these initiatives possible.

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