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About the Fund

BCF supports vulnerable populations through humanitarian assistance, military aid, and global awareness campaigns, focusing on current crises and long-term plans for a more equitable future powered by cryptocurrency adoption and education.

What we have done so far

​“As one of the core values of our Foundation is the protection of human life, we provide assistance in Ukraine. We have donated our cryptocurrencies and purchased medicine, supplies, and several European vehicles. Aid and vehicles have already arrived in Ukraine and are in use in the most affected areas, where they are most needed. The vehicles are fully stocked and help to move both military and civilians. Currently, we help with humanitarian cargo to countries affected by cataclysms, including Turkey, Syria, Italy, Japan and others.”


What we do

Bitmedia Fund was initiated to give immediate assistance and support in the face of a severe and unforeseeable catastrophe in Ukraine. Today, Ukraine’s sovereign nation is confronted with the most heinous and disastrous situation — a barbaric invasion. Crypto enthusiasts at Bitmedia’s Fund are reacting by giving crucial supplies and raising the voices of all Ukrainians and crypto communities around Ukraine. In addition, we also closely monitor the events in other regions of our planet and try to help all those in need.”

What were the funds spent on for Ukraine until now?

Thanks to donations from benefactors, the organization bought and handed over ten cars and two electric bikes to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The organization transferred:

Who we are

The Team behind initiative

Layer-8 2.png
Matvey Diadkov

Serial Entrepreneur, Initiator of Bitmedia Fund, CEO at Bitmedia

layer-9 1.png
Veronika Perebyinis

Crypto enthusiast and active volunteer, PMO at Bitmedia and Bitmedia Fund

Layer-29 1.png
Tanya Petrusenko

Blockchain Enthusiast, Crypto Researcher, BizDev at Bitmedia.IO

Layer-17 1.png
Mikhail Protsenko

IT Volunteer & Blockchain enthusiast, CTO at Bitmedia

IMG_1466-1 2.png
Kyryl Bormin

Volunteer & Fund PR, B2B Communications at Bitmedia

2022-bgremover-1 2.png
Oleksandr Smirnov

Member of the territorial defense force, passionate activist and crypto enthusiast

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