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Give back the fairy tale to orphans

Charitable funds “Bitmedia Сharity fund” and Unity Сharity foundation have recently completed their initiative “Give Back the Fairy Tale” to benefit orphans in Ukraine. Learn how you can join their contagion and help those in need.

Charitable fund “Bitmedia Сharity foundation” and Unity Сharity foundation have recently completed the initiative "Give back the fairy tale" to orphans. The entire month of implementation of this project was very productive. It wasn't easy, but we collected and sent aid to three children's shelters. At the same time, with the support of our colleagues, partners, and benefactors, it was much easier to implement this for children. So, first of all, we want to express our gratitude:


  • Trustee Wallet;

  • Judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine;

  • Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;

  • To Bitmedia Labs and employees.

Charity funds launched a fundraiser to help orphans in mid-December 2022. We wanted to be in time for Christmas, to create a minor miracle. Given the lack of time, the Bitmedia charity independently purchased sweets, soft toys, and board games for children in the shortest possible time. Unity, , and the officials in their turn, provided the technical and electrical needs of the directorate of orphanages.

In addition, after securing the material and financial support of partners, the following was purchased for the children:

  • educational puzzle games;

  • clothes;

  • shoes;

  • foodstuffs (actually more than a ton of products, including:

  • cereals;

  • sweets;

  • nuts;

  • drinks;

  • sweeteners;

  • dried fruits;

  • fruits.);

  • medicine;

  • equipment (computers; 

All collected aid was divided between three educational institutions:

  • children's shelter "Teplyj dim"("Warm House") in the Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region;

  • the orphanage in Lviv;

  • the children's sanatorium "Barvinok" in Boyarka, Kyiv region.

Children with developmental disabilities and health problems are being educated in Dolyna. Therefore, an official request for medical assistance with a list of necessary medicines was received from the institution's management to the email address of Bitmedia Fund. All the essential medicines were successfully sent to the children.

At the same time, several company employees, namely Dmytro Kriuk, Mariia Marynenko, Maria Safonova, Vladislav Pivovarov and Misha Korobkov, visited the mentee of the "Teplyj dim" Andrii in Okhmadyt in Kyiv. His love of life, fearlessness, and confidence that Ukraine will win the war against Russia inspired us to increase our scale of assistance to all those in need.

Although this initiative has ended, we will not stop helping children. We work hard to achieve more. Anyone can join the contagion. To do this, you need to choose the most convenient and optimal method for you:

  • send monetary assistance via active links below or to bank accounts;

  • buy the necessary things yourself or collect your own, which you/your children no longer use but are still in good enough condition, and send them to the address below.

For more detailed information, write to

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