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Providing Technical Equipment for Charity Initiatives and Volunteers in Ukraine

As the Russian attacks on Ukraine continue, Bitmedia Charity Fund is doing everything in its power to aid the Ukrainian people and preserve as many lives as possible. Currently, Ukraine requires technical equipment for volunteers and defense in areas along the front line. The effectiveness of their work is heavily dependent on having the proper equipment, and Fund is providing support in this area.

Mission to provide technical equipment for charitable initiatives and volunteers

Computers, Starlinks, walkie-talkies, and other equipment are means of communication that are provided by Bitmedia Fund to volunteer organizations. They are used to facilitate their work and to provide aid where it is needed. This is how the chain of cooperation operates: charitable initiatives -> volunteers -> people in need.

The process of selecting the most relevant requests

Fund receives many requests & chooses the most relevant ones that can be addressed in the shortest possible time and do not violate the foundation's charter.

Bitmedia Fund’s continued support of Ukraine and other charitable initiatives

We recently received a request to provide equipment for work and communication in Ukraine. We used our own funds and received donations from patrons to provide three laptops and two Starlinks. Additionally, we prepaid the latter for several months.

In times when technology and communication networks are crucial, we understand the importance of enabling those who save lives to perform their duties without any impediments. We continue to support Ukraine, particularly through volunteers.

If you would like to support Bitmedia Charity Fund's efforts to assist Ukraine and other charitable initiatives, please visit the website ( to learn more and make a donation. Your contribution can significantly improve the lives of those who need it the most.

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