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Myths about Charitable Funds Debunked

Myth #1. Only enthusiasts can do charity

Charitable activity is a field in which enthusiasm alone cannot change anything. To achieve efficiency in charity, specialized specialists must participate directly. Frankly, charitable foundations work according to the principle of business, but their main goal is not to make money but to provide help upon request. Specialists in philanthropy deal with the budget, health or money, promotion and advertising of the fund for its further recognition and, accordingly, specific influence. At the moment there’s a need in extra hands to take over requests for assistance to answer the incoming enquiries and set up logistics and corporate aif. So, in addition to enthusiasm, you would need professionals in a particular field to optimize processes for quality work. At the same time, any specialist can become a part of the charity fund: from a lawyer, a PR specialist, a communication manager, an accountant, and a designer to a truck driver.

Myth #2. Charity is not paid

Taking into account the fact that charitable foundations employ specialists, their work is paid for from the organization's budget. Usually, under the current legislation "On charitable activities and charitable organizations", a maximum of 20% of charitable contributions is allocated to administrative expenses. This amount also includes the salaries of the fund's employees.

However, it is worth noting that some foundations have permanent donors, whose contributions are used to pay salaries. Accordingly, in this way, the charity uses a smaller percentage of the donations or does not use them at all for the administrative fee.

Myth #3. A career in charity work is a fantasy

As already mentioned above, charitable foundations work on the principle of business, so there is an unlimited number of career opportunities in philanthropy. Such organizations have stable and systematic activities, which, according to work processes, do not differ from other spheres. Since professionals work in charity, their professional growth does not stop, on the contrary, it grows rapidly. Employees have new responsibilities and challenges because they need to expand their views and skills taking into account the specifics of the organization.

At the same time, a lot depends on the size of the fund, its efficiency, and its pace of development.

Myth #4. Charity solves only urgent needs

Charity never works exclusively on "hot" requests. Each charitable foundation has a statute of the organization, which prescribes all points of assistance: from helping children, the elderly, and the sick to protecting education, culture, and the environment. At the same time, some organizations can specialize in a narrower spectrum, paying more attention to one or several directions. However, at present, they continue to engage in other branches of charitable activities.

Myth #5. It is impossible to work in charity without a sense of responsibility and the call of the heart

To perform quality work in the field of charity, as in other areas, you need to be interested in this work. Each activity must respond to a person's values, so that they perform improperly, and exerts his efforts for the progress of the organization.

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