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Russia's invasion of Ukraine

russia's invasion of Ukraine has been going on for nine years. The full-scale phase of the war is a year. Everyone stood up to protect human life and democracy: from ordinary citizens to international corporations and organizations.

Bitmedia.IO's role in the "I Want to Live" campaign

The international product IT company In order to save as many human lives as possible, the crypto-advertising network joined the "I want to live" campaign. This is part of the information war against russian propaganda. The main goal is to spread information among russian service members about how to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The "I want to live" project has already received more than 7,600 applications. The initiative is in demand. So, in the first month of 2023 alone, 5.6 million users visited the program's website, 4.7 million from the russian federation.

At the same time, all this became possible precisely thanks to advertising networks, particularly Bitmedia. On news sites that target Russia and the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, they run banner ads about the "I want to live" hotline. russian military personnel and their relatives can get relevant information by calling +380 95 68 86 888; +380 93 68 86 888; +380 97 68 86 888, as well as on the project website.

Project receives from 70 to 100 appeals per day

"I want to live" receives from 70 to 100 appeals per day - both from relatives of russian who want to be mobilized or have already been mobilized and from the very recruits of the russian army - future and current. The military personnel of the russian army are also applying.

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