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Get Help from the Bitmedia Charity Fund in the russian-Ukrainian War

Bitmedia Charity Fund is a humanitarian and military center, the purpose of which is to help all those who suffered as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Every action of the fund is aimed at saving the lives of civilians

Every action of the fund is aimed at saving the lives of civilians. We are doing everything we can to help both displaced persons and those who are still in or near the line of fire.

How to Request Help

To request help, you only need to go to one of our platforms (site, pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and leave a message through the "Contact us" link. In advance, we ask you to clarify for whom and exactly what kind of help is necessary. When making a request, you should also specify the number or volume of the desired item.

Processing the Request

Therefore, our operators try to answer no longer than an hour after the request. We consider the request and familiarize ourselves with the documents that confirm the need for assistance and collect everything necessary for the applicant as soon as possible.

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