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Help the People of Turkey Affected by the Earthquake – Donate to the Bitmedia Charity Fund

The Bitmedia Charity Fund closely monitors all incidents in the world. In addition to helping Ukraine, we also care for other countries. In particular, it is Turkey now. The organization collects funds for people affected by the earthquake and who lost their homes or relatives.

Natural disasters in Turkey

A three-month state of emergency was introduced in Turkey. Natural disasters swept through the country: a tidal wave (tsunami), a storm, and an earthquake. Currently, the state is recovering from the consequences of the cataclysms.

Effects of the Earthquake

As a result of the powerful earthquake, more than 50 thousand people died, and 107,204 were injured. 2 million 4,276 people remained homeless. Its epicenter was near the city of Gaziantep (in the south of Turkey, near the Syrian border). Numerous aftershocks also accompanied it. And one of them was almost as powerful as the first.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck along a 100-kilometer fault line, causing severe damage to nearby towers.

The number of victims is increasing because people remain under the rubble of buildings. Rescue operations are ongoing. The infrastructure in the south of Turkey, and even more so in Syria, is quite fragile. Therefore, saving lives now mainly depends on the speed of response.

Response and recovery

The Turkish government and its allies allocated significant funds for the reconstruction of cities. Provision is made for compensation for material losses to the victims and assisting people.

Blood collection points have been opened all over Turkey for the victims. People who have lost their homes will be temporarily housed in schools currently being renovated.

Charity Initiatives and Funding

Funds are currently being collected through charitable organizations and government institutions to provide the necessary items: blankets, pillows, bed linen, clothes and shoes, food products - dry rations, hygiene products, medicines, and medical equipment. All of this must be sealed and signed for proper transportation.

You can contribute to helping the victims through the Bitmedia Charity Fund. The charitable initiative is aimed at helping the most vulnerable categories of the population.

Now it's the citizens of Turkey

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