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Protecting Children in War: Responsibilities of Caregivers and Online Training

In a war in which adults participate, children's interests are not considered. At a time when the youngest members of society should be enjoying their childhood, they are instead suffering.

Psychological Impact

In a war in which adults participate, the interests of children are not taken into account. At a time when the youngest members of society should be enjoying their childhood, splashing in love, and experiencing the best stages of life, they suffer. Children are the most vulnerable part of society because they perceive events around them differently. And if adults may think that the little one will not remember something or will forget it later, it is not so. Psychologist and CBT consultant Inna Bukhanevich explains that children's mental health is very fragile, and today adults have to make a lot of effort to protect children from the scale of injuries. According to her, this isn't easy because children, like sponges, absorb everything that happens to them very quickly . It can cause them to become antisocial and withdrawn in the future.

Help for Orphans

Since the beginning of the full-scale phase of Russia's war against Ukraine, more than 3,000 Ukrainian children have been left without parental care according to the official data of the Social Service. Therefore, many adults volunteered to take them into their families. They can apply to the Children's Service or the "Child is not alone" chatbot to spread the desire to take care of a child. If you use the chatbot for this, after registration you will receive information with all the details about the conditions under which you can take a child. There is also a list of categories of people who are prohibited from doing this.

Contacting a Specialist

According to the psychologist, families who have adopted or taken care of children or plan to do so should contact a specialist. Such action is aimed at adults being able to show the little one that they will protect her and do everything to make them feel comfortable.

Child Care Training Chatbot

Although the war takes a lot of public resources, social services closely monitor information about children and constantly check caregivers and adoptive parents. In applying for a child's shelter in the chatbot, recommendations are received on preparing for all stages of placing a child. The app also provides online training for future caregivers throughout the week.

Online Training for Caregivers

Video lessons explain the forms of taking children into new families during the war, and provide information on all adoption risks. They teach children how to adapt gradually to new living conditions. In particular, they also explain the responsibilities of people who sheltered a child. After training, there is communication with social workers, who make further decisions regarding the placement of minors.

More than one and a half thousand families have undergone such training

Responsibilities of Caregivers

Taking a child into your family is a responsibility because child's interests come first. According to the psychologist, if adults make such a decision, they should be morally ready for all the difficulties of adaptation. Adults should consider whether they are financially, purely, and physically capable of taking responsibility for the child. Make sure that they can provide everything necessary for the new family member.

Help from Bitmedia charity fund

The Bitmedia charity fund helps orphans, families who take care of such children and forcibly displaced persons who find themselves in difficult situations and need help.

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