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Russian War Against Ukrainian Children: Statistics and Hardships for Families

The most vulnerable group of people is children. Above all, they need security, protection, and support. In the civilized world, their parents and the country's politics provide all this to them. However, this has nothing to do with russia. Ukraine's neighbor - a terrorist state - does not permit civility, democracy, or peace. It has been waging war against the Ukrainian people since 2014, destroying the population and terrorizing Ukrainian parents whose children were taken.

Statistics on Children Illegally Exported from Ukraine

According to official data, 16,207 children were illegally deported from Ukraine during a year of full-scale russian invasion.

However, according to the Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytro Lubinets, the number of Ukrainian children illegally exported to Russia may reach 150 thousand.

They were taken from their families, or their parents were killed and these kids were taken to russia or temporarily occupied territory. During his speech at the G20 summit, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that there are still "tens of thousands" of kidnapped and illegally deported minors in Ukraine, about whom very little is known or with fewer details.

Russian Propaganda

The terrorist state doesn't hide kidnapping of Ukrainian children. It presents this information as a peacekeeping mission: it saves children abandoned by their parents. On television channels, Kremlin propagandists portray russian military as caring people who distribute toys to Ukrainian children. In addition, they use children as props for their television propaganda shows and then send them to concentration camps.

russia is spreading the genocide of the Ukrainian people. They kill people and children, and in the media, they show that they protect the civilian population. At the same time, they hit residential buildings, maternity wards, and hospitals with shells. Even on their broadcasts, they say that they will continue to do this, but they blame Ukraine and NATO for the mass destruction of Ukraine.

russians people, like the russian authorities, do not abide by any international treaties and threaten the entire world with nuclear weapons if he continues to help Ukraine.

russians are destroying Ukrainian culture, language, people, and identity by removing children from Ukraine. In particular, in the international treaty of 1948, which russia also signed, it is stated that the forcible transfer of children is aimed at destroying nationality and is the genocide of an entire people.

The russian military covers its actions by saying that it takes children to a free health camp for two or three weeks to protect them from shelling. In reality, these statements are just empty words because russia does not return the children and mainly does not report their whereabouts.

Hardships for Families

moscow makes it difficult for children to return to their families. The russian authorities give only one way for parents to pick up their children - through other countries. That is, parents must collect documents, in particular, about parenthood, translate them into several languages and obtain passports. Some of them managed to do it, but most did not.

At the same time, another known case involves Ukrainian children in labor slavery and their sale abroad. The further fate of the latter is currently unknown.

Also, it has already been established that many illegally deported Ukrainian children were given up for adoption. russian families are not too willing to accept Ukrainians, but for their actions, the russian authorities promise them additional payments and bonuses, particularly firewood for heating houses. It is very revealing that one of those who adopted a child from Ukraine is the russian Commissioner for Children's Rights, Maria Lvova-Belova.

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