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UN Report Reveals 21,793 Ukrainian Civilians Killed & Wounded Due to Russian Invasion

The devastating effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has resulted in thousands of civilian deaths and injuries.

Overview of UN report on russian invasion of Ukraine

According to the UN, russia killed at least 8,173 people & wounded at least 13,620 Ukrainian civilians.

In February 2023, to confirm another 589 victims. Of them, 138 died, and 451 were injured. In total, 21,793 people were killed and wounded due to the russia invasion of Ukraine. And these are only officially confirmed data among the civilian population.

Details of Casualties

Among the dead were 3642 men, 2149 women, 258 boys, and 203 girls. It was impossible to determine the gender of 31 children and 1,908 adults. Among the injured are 403 boys and 294 girls, as well as 271 children whose gender has not yet been determined.

The cause of death or injury was mainly the use of explosive weapons with a large area of damage and explosive objects.

Bitmedia Charity Fund Collaboration with UN

Against the background of information about the number of Ukrainian killed by the russian military, the Bitmedia Charity Fund started cooperation with the UN. We managed to implement the provision of aid to military hospitals and contribute to the approach of Ukraine's victory.

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